The Method – Glaçure à Froid

I use a paint called Glaçure à Froid, which is a syrupy compound and has to be handled by experienced hands. It is a two component enamel that hardens at +20 C in about 24 hours time.
The panel I use to apply the Glaçure à Froid on is usually a 1 mm sheet of well cleaned and brushed aluminum.

First I do my sketches on the aluminum sheet. Then, in most of the cases I apply a 0,75 mm copper wire, marking the outlines on the panel (this technique is called Cloisonné).
Next, I place the panel horizontal on the floor in my studio. Every time spot of paint has to be layered on the panel, and due to the requirements of the enamel I work in a 20 C. dust free environment.

Glaçure à Froid is a difficult medium to work with given the drying time involved. The color pigments are very special and must be completely oil free.
Due to long baking time for the paint, I am usually working on many panels at the same time. So, I am in fact crawling around on the floor all day round. A bigger painting may take me several months to finish.