About Wallina

This charming lady says she is swedish and always around 25 years old.
She is now a grandma, who adores her daughter and her grand son Jonathan. He is her favorite and a real viking.

Wallina also says that her father and mother gave her to the Universe. On the wings of the Saga, she has been to most places on Earth. Life is wonderful and she is looking at the world through pink glasses with both feet deeply into swedish mull.

She was born in a south-west region of Sweden, Västergötland, in a wide field, between two high mountains. One had a lookout tower from which she could see the whole world, and the other housed a bunch of knights, in full harness, sleeping until they were called to wake up and defend her. On the same mountain, she picked flowers for her own wedding-dress some years later. She thinks, she really is the Darling of the Gods.

Wallina feels at home in the jungle on Bali, as well as in a bamboo hut on Tonga, as well as in a two floor flat in Cote d´Azur, as well as in the shadow of Alhambra or at the foot of the volcano Mount Eden in New Zeeland.
Every day is a big adventure.
Back to facts, Wallina has been very successful with her painting. She has been studying and using all kind of technique, watercolor, graphic art, oil, acrylic etc.

Finally she found a unique way to use cold enamel with special color pigments in, what she says, a happy marriage. That technique is called, Glaçure à Froid and is a long process. She took her first lesson at the Beckmans School of Fine Art in Stockholm in 1959. Since then she has been a student at various wellknown swedish schools until 1976. At that time she developed the Glaçure à Froid technique and that is what she prefers todo since that day.

Her pictures very often tells about fables and myths, zodiacs or star constellations. Her paintings have been shown at at least 230 exhibitions in Sweden, Italy, France, Spain, New Zeeland, Belgium and Japan. She has got several customers (collectors) in the US too.